Wear the heart on your sleeve.

Gian Marco Amato grew up in an Italian family of designers and art lovers.He inherited the fashion passion from his mother and the love of art from his father. When he was 19 years old he moved to Milan, Italy, and started his career as a fashion stylist for a small fashion firm. In the years to follow, late in the 80's, he spent all of his time traveling internationally looking for new materials and a way of life that inspired the second part of his Milan based career. When he was appointed as senior project leader, he transmitted the experience of traveling into new lines and models.Art and traveling have always been present in his work. Mondrian, Rothko, Fontana, the artist famous for his cuts on the canvas, these art teachers left a lasting impression that inspired him in his new challenge as a fashion entrepreneur. 
In 2016 he founded the brand "Gian Marco Amato, Milano". This challenging experience is now keeping life busy for this new entrepreneur. This brand is a culmination of all of his life experiences as a fashion designer. Leading a team of a few, Gian Marco released his first capsule collection named "Be Loved".
"The fashion apparel market has changed in the past 10 years, the hard part of this new challenge is following the trends that change very quickly every season. Fashion bloggers and influencers are one of the newest voices in communicating trends.The newest looks can be comunicated much faster then ever before. This fast pace of communication makes it harder then ever to stay on top of the lastest trends",  says Gian Marco.
Gian Marco Amato is experienced and comfortable in every fashion environment and with the launch of his website gianmarcoamato.com he is ready for his "new life" as an important player in the ever challenging and changing fashion apparel industry.

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